Record + Security Storage

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Commercial Record and
Security Storage​​​​​​​

Granite City Armored Car, Inc. - Record and Security Storage listens to all of your concerns and needs to create the most efficient and reliable storage facility. Our building is fireproof and is equipped with surveillance cameras, card key door entry, and special alarms. Your documents will be well-protected and you can access them when needed.

Modern security system for protection

Utilize our climate-controlled facility to increase your storage space for sensitive information. Our secure storage is ideal for all commercial needs, including:
  • Store computer back-up tapes
  • Document destruction service
  • Solve inadequate storage protection
  • Increased record-keeping

Safely store your sensitive documents

There are three easy steps that need to be taken before storing records at our facility:
  • Packing
  • Transportation
  • Formulation of a master list
Once we receive your records and the master list, our staff will safely store them in their designated area. You can provide us with specific dates for when they need to be returned to you, length of storage, or a date to be destroyed.

Yes! We are here to cater to all your needs and do everything we can to make our service convenient for you:

  • Pickup services are available to return records
  • Records can be retrieved from storage on short notice
  • Someone from your office can come to the facility to get records
  • You can make copies of specific records at the storage facility
  • Records can be computer indexed